A professional player from Japan trolled a ranked player in LoL. And this is his unusual apology

An academy player in Japan did not rejoin the match and has now donated all his winnings to the Red Cross.

The rigid rules and conscientiousness of people in Japan are rather familiar to everyone. Society in that region puts honor first. For this reason, there is now a buzz about an academy player who has decided to donate all his winnings to charity.

The reason for his actions seems even trivial. Such behavior for many LoL fans is the norm, but not for Kai “Nesuty” Nakamura. What exactly is the issue?

Penalty for trolling a match

Trolling a match is a common phenomenon. Especially if one logs onto an EUW, EUNE or virtually any other server. However, this does not apply to League of Legends players from Japan, especially if they are pros.

This was seen by the public a few days ago when Kai “Nesuty” Nakamura issued an official statement and confirmed that he would donate all his winnings to the Red Cross.

This is not simply trolling. As a Reddit user named DariusxEzreal translated the post, it’s about something a little different. Nesuty explains that he entered the ranked queue, but the controls didn’t work, so he left the game for his team to do a remake. For this reason, he did not join the game again.

Instead, he switched to another account and there, after checking that everything was working, he played a few matches. When he found out that the game had continued, his conscience moved him and he decided to punish himself.

The reason for this incident is that I assumed that the remake had been completed.

Even if the controls did not work, I should have immediately tried reconnecting, or checked to see if the remake was completed, and if not, I should have immediately reconnected and continued to play.

From now on, as a member of a professional team, I will be more careful about my behavior in and out of the game to set a good example. I apologize again to everyone who was inconvenienced by this incident. I am very sorry.

Also, as a sign of my remorse and commitment to the future, I pledge to donate all of my Academy League prize money to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

According to the community, the punishment is too drastic. Especially since he didn’t do it on purpose. However, as you can see, this player decided that his honor was the most important thing, and in this way he wanted to make amends for his behavior so that he could continue, as a professional, to be a role model for others.