Items for mages in LoL too boring? Players propose very specific changes

The League of Legends community believes that items for mages could have more interesting passives.

There are currently more than 160 different heroes in LoL, who are assigned to different classes. In the game, for example, you can play a fighter, defender, spellcaster, assassin, as well as a mage. Each group is distinguished by a slightly different approach to gameplay and builds different items.

In the case of spellcasters, there will be items that increase healing or shields, defenders will focus on armor and magic resistance, and assassins will want to build themselves to eliminate enemies as quickly as possible.

Items in the game are plentiful, and Riot keeps adding more or changing existing ones. Unfortunately, the mage-typical items seem quite boring to players. Why?

Item modification for mages

One player raised on Reddit the topic of items that mages build in League of Legends. In his opinion, the passives of these items are uninteresting and Riot should change something in this topic. The author of the post wrote:

Mage items need more fun passives other than damage. There’s no diversity in mage builds. 

Almost 2 years from its removal, I still don’t understand why Rod Of Ages was removed. Most mages really feel unfun to play anymore, because 99% of the games are either Liandrys or Ludens, and after that Zhonya’s rush.

Items rework back in preseason 11 was made so there can be diversity in builds. Adaptation in each match. And yet here we are, every AP champ getting either Liandry’s, or Luden’s. Imagine if the entire AD champ pool only had 2 items. AD champs have bruisers, assasins, adcs, etc.

Same goes for mages. There are battlemages, burst mages, artillery mages etc., yet we only have 2 items.

The player said that battle mages are the worst here, having lost a lot from the removal of RoA. According to him, currently, characters of this class are forced to build Liandra, which reflects badly on them since the item does not give additional health. The author of the post also noted that he is a player of this type of characters himself, so he thought about the topic and came up with ideas on how to improve items for mages.

New battlemage item, give us similar tankiness to RoA, with not another damage passive, rather, a tankiness passive is needed, which synegrises well with battlemages… Healing or shielding passive. Seraphs has this, but it’s really bad for most mages because it gives bad stats. The ability haste is not needed and the healing is really bad (thank you acno).

The second idea involves remaking existing items:

Rework the mage items that are very rarely picked like Seraph’s, Crown and Riftmaker. I have hopes that this might happen in preseason 13 but I am not sure.

The post sparked a lot of discussions. Some criticized the player’s ideas, while others agreed with him, saying that more variety is indeed needed.

There was no shortage of people who thought that the author of the entry was exaggerating a bit and the situation is not so bad, since other items for mages are not completely forgotten at all. The example of Everfrost was given, which was not mentioned in the entry, but works well on some characters.

Regardless of whether one thinks items for mages are boring or the opposite, one can be sure that Riot will balance the items and introduce something new with the next preseason.