Great concepts for new skins for LoL from Riot itself that may turn into skins someday

Some interesting graphics appeared in LoR. Gamers believe that such skins should be created in LoL.

Legends of Runeterra is an interesting card game that often develops the plot in the world of Runeterra. For this reason, although the game is not very popular, many new features arouse the interest of a large part of players. Especially those interested in lore.

Now there are some interesting graphics in it. Some of them perfectly show how interesting skins in LoL could be, such as Darkin Zoe.

Character concepts

Graphics published by Riot Games for Legends of Runeterra quickly went viral and appealed to a huge number of players. All this because they show concepts for possibly upcoming skins. At least that’s what fans who see Darkin Zoe or crazy Leona and Diana hope.

Unfortunately, these are only graphics from LoR and it is not known whether Riot inspired by the works will want to create LoL skins based on them. However, as you can see, the theme of destruction and villains is liked by the players, and this gives the creators a huge field to show off.