How was this year’s League of Legends championship? Statistics that show you the size of the tournament very well

Has Riot beaten the championship hours watched record so far?

Every year, League of Legends hosts a championship where the best teams from around the world compete against each other. Fans can watch players struggle online, and Riot often boasts of statistics of the tournament to the LoL community.

Worlds are becoming more and more popular every year. How is this year’s competition compared to last year’s championship?

The popularity of Worlds 2021

The Esports Charts profile, which collects statistics on esports and streaming, shared a graph that compares, among other things, the number of hours watched in each phase of the championship from the last two years and compares them with this year’s Worlds. Has the tournament grown in popularity?

As you can see, players generally watched Worlds 2021 more willingly than previous editions of the event.

The 2021 tournament saw significant increases in hours watched, and the biggest difference can be seen in the group stage. This year, nearly 80 million hours were watched compared to just under 57 million last year.

Of course, both the worst figures from the championship and the best ones here are really impressive.

Peak viewership on individual platforms was also shown. Overall, the championship was watched by more than 4 million viewers who watched the struggles of EDward Gaming and DAMWON Gaming in this year’s final.

The graphics that perfectly show how the championship is gathering more and more audience from year to year are the ones that brings together all Worlds since 2017.

As every year, Riot prepared a unique opening ceremony, which this time was directly related to the premiere of the Arcane series.