How to change the language in LoL to any of them? An easy way to test dozens of versions

LoL players have an easy way to change the language in the game.

League of Legends is one of the most popular productions in the world. For this reason, it should rather surprise no one that it has been released in many language versions. However, by default, depending on the server, only a few can be selected in the client.

However, there is an easy way to try the game with commentary and dubbing from the other side of the world. So how to do it step by step?

Changing the language in LoL

Unfortunately, changing the language version is not as easy as going into the client and settings. You have to dig a little in the files, but despite the fact that it seems a complicated task, it is not so difficult. In addition, it is worth noting that modifying the files is against the League of Legends regulations. However, it does not give any advantages in the game.

So how to do it in a simple way?

  • First, you need to enter the installation folder of the game. By default, it is C:/Riot Games/League of Legends. However, if LoL was installed on another drive, go there.
  • Then create a shortcut of the “LeagueClient” file and move it to the desktop.

  • Then you need to click RMB on the shortcut and go to the “shortcut” tab. Under “Target Element,” after the line C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\LeagueClient.exe, click the space bar and add: “-locale=X”, where X will be the selected language from the list below.

Full list of codes to use:

Code Language
cs_CZ Czech
el_GR Greek
pl_PL Polish
ro_RO Romanian
hu_HU Hungarian
en_GB English (United Kingdom)
de_DE German
es_ES Spanish
it_IT Italian
fr_FR French
ja_JP Japanese
ko_KR Korean
es_MX Spanish (Mexico)
es_AR Spanish (Argentina)
pt_BR Portuguese (Brazil)
en_US English (USA)
en_AU English (Australia)
ru_RU Russian
tr_TR Turkish
ms_MY Malay
en_PH English (Philippines)
en_SG English (Singapore)
th_TH Thai
vn_VN Vietnamese
id_ID Indonesian
zh_MY Chinese (Malaysia)
zh_CN Chinese (China)
zh_TW Chinese (Taiwan)

Now you don’t have to look at the client settings, and everything can be done through the “startup assistant.”