How long has Gangplank from League of Legends not received a skin? You may be surprised

When did Gangplank get the last skin?

Gangplank is one of the heroes of LoL, who, although he is not the first character that comes to mind when talking about the most popular champions, is certainly known by all players. His distinctive skill set makes it hard not to recognize this League of Legends pirate.

While many fans would agree that the champion could be a great theme for many skins, he has received relatively few of them for a long time. When did his last skin hit the live servers?

No skins for Gangplank

2018 was the year in which the hero in question received the last skin not related to esports. It was part of the Pool Party series and was introduced on August 1 with the 8.15 update. The Champion was also selected by the Worlds 2019 championship winners FunPlus Phoenix, and for this reason, in patch 10.9, he received the FPX Gangplank team skin.

It’s been 552 days since the last skin appeared, which may not be as shocking as in other known cases. It is worth mentioning, however, that Riot noted that team skins are not taken into account when the developers are looking at who should get the next skin.

Looking at the number of days since the release of the last non-esports skin, the aforementioned Pool Party Gangplank, you get a staggering 1,191 days.

The League community often talks about the “Club of 1000 Days”, which includes heroes who have been waiting for new skins for – as the name suggests – over 1000 days. At the moment, Fiddlesticks and Dr Mundo are here, but their presence may be justified by the extensive updates they have received. Next is Udyr, which the VGU developers are currently working on. Next comes Zilean, Ryze, and Trundle.

They received their last skins around 650 days ago, which shows how far behind Gangplank left them when you don’t take the esports skin into account. Does the hero in question have a chance to get a skin in the near future? It is hard to say. Riot plans well in advance who will get the content in the next event. Due to the fact that so much time has passed since the last Gangplank skin, it is probably thought about by the developers. At the moment, however, nothing is known about Riot’s plans.