Everyone who turns off LoL has had it since yesterday. It’s not a bug, it’s a brilliant idea from Riot

Since yesterday, players have been complaining about an annoying bug, which, as it turns out, is not a bug at all.

If you play the League every day, you probably noticed what changed yesterday. Many people were convinced that it was a client bug, but according to the support department replies – it is intended to be like that. What is going on? Each time you disable LoL, your Riot client will launch.

This is extremely irritating and players are already reporting it. Especially since people often turn off LoL just before turning off the computer. Launching the client prevents the PC from shutting down. To make it more fun, this client sometimes turns on after 20-30 seconds. So you get to the point where you just look at the screen and wait senselessly.

It is supposed to be like that

It’s hard to blame the support department here, because it only provides information, but according to Riot, this is how it should work.

It is very possible that there will soon be some way to completely disable LoL when you want to shut it down with “X”. It can really be tiring in the long run.

For now, grit your teeth and hope it’s only until Arcane leaves. You can see that Riot is already doing everything it can to promote the series.