What are the splash art of the new “Cafe Cuties” skins for Vladimir and Bard?

After a while, Riot showed splash art for the next two skins.

Yesterday, new skins for several characters were introduced. “Cafe Cuties” is a total of six skins for:

  • Bard,
  • Annie,
  • Gwen,
  • Soraka,
  • Sivir,
  • Vladimir.

Although Riot presented everything almost immediately, the splash arts of two skins – Vladimir and Bard – were not shown.

What do these splash arts look like?

Now we know what they look like. Bard’s skin is especially popular – many people talk about it and it is not surprising. This is his fifth skin.

Vladimir looks like this:

The skins at the moment are rated very positively. Hardly anyone expected that Riot would present something other than cosmetic items typically for Arcane.