Presentation of 6 new skins in LoL for Bard, Annie, Gwen, Soraka, Sivir and Vladimir

In addition to the skins from the Arcane series, Riot also presented skins from the “Cafe Cuties” series.

Arcane skins will be for free, but for those, we normally have to pay for them. The studio presented a total of six new skins, including one, interestingly, for Bard.

At this point, splash art and presentation are published directly in the game. Skins should be expected in the cycle of 11.23.

New skins in LoL

It all starts with splash arts. These are as follows:

Directly in the game:


You will have to wait a while for the exact photos during the game, potentially even several dozen minutes. So far, the reviews about these skins are really positive and it’s hardly surprising.