Further explanations from Riot on the Clash issues. What about players who didn’t receive their prizes?

What about people who didn’t receive tournament prizes? The creators of League of Legends calm the players.

Clash is a kind of tournament that was, in theory, something very positive – players could not only form their own teams and show off their skills, but also win interesting prizes. Unfortunately, not everything always goes as planned.

There was another edition of the tournament last weekend and it went really badly – the community struggled with numerous bugs. In addition to the fact that some LoL fans could not play games at all, there were also people who did not receive well-deserved awards.

What do the creators say about that?

Clash Rewards – developers’ explanations

A separate article was published yesterday on Clash refunds. The creators then explained that there is no need to panic because no one will lose out. Unfortunately, the community did not feel satisfied with this response. Fans wanted to know what would happen to the people who should be awarded the prizes – a mere refund of the ticket price is not fair in this case.

Riot Brightmoon wrote on Twitter:

Clash’s topic was also commented on Riot Auberaun, who explained to players that the developers are working on the issue, so those who should receive rewards will surely get them.

Hey everyone, we’ve been looking into the problems with Clash over the weekend and are working to compensate those affected.

There are two different things going on here – some folks had their tournaments or games fail to start, in which case they should automatically had their ticket refunded.

Separately, people who did complete their Clash brackets either didn’t receive rewards or might’ve been double rewarded. If you received double rewards those will be left alone, and if you didn’t receive rewards we’re trying to get those to you soon.

Rioter also explained not to be influenced by the support responses – screenshots from the messages that players received have already landed on Reddit. Auberaun stated that various types of problems had arisen during the last Clash. In addition to people who have not played any game, there are also those who have played games but did not receive prizes – in their case, the matter will be resolved a bit differently.

This was an unusual circumstance, and often when something like this happens player support isn’t pre-empowered to issue or promise compensation, so we’re working to make what happened this weekend right.

As you can imagine, there has been a lot of confusion in the community. Some players were afraid that their prizes are gone, and others were afraid that Riot would reverse what appeared in their account, as the money for the tickets would be refunded.

Nevertheless, fans hope that the problems will be fixed in the near future and everyone gets what they should. However, this does not change the fact that some disgust will remain, and perhaps some people will not decide to buy another Clash ticket.