Riot refunds the money for clash tickets. Lots of bugs and huge community dissatisfaction

Riot has decided to refund money to players for Clash tickets. Big problems with the tournament.

This weekend, one of the Clash tournaments was held in League of Legends. This time the players fought for the Shadow Isles cup, but it wasn’t that easy. Many bugs stood in the way.

Some were unable to join the game or were disconnected from it even before the start of the game. Others, on the other hand, did not get awards, even when they won. For this reason, Riot has decided to give players back money for tickets.

Clash refunds

The fact that in the last few months Riot does not enjoy a very good reputation among players, especially League of Legends, probably everyone already knows. The community is complaining about special skin degradation, RP price increases, secret character voice changes, and a few other things. This time, there were also technical problems with Clash.

On Saturday and Sunday, players could face each other in the tournament and win interesting prizes. It would be that way if they had actually received it. However, as it turns out, if they already managed to join the game and win without problems with the client, they often did not receive the prize capsule. For this reason, developers decided to refund the costs incurred to purchase tickets.

The participants do not like this form of things. They spent their time playing 3 games, gathering a team, and even training, and now, instead of prizes, they will only get their money back.

Apparently, creators are unable to do so and can only refund the cost of the tickets. The players have been mistreated once again and this does not help to improve the company’s image.