Fiddlesticks is wreaking havoc in LoL and will not be included in the next patch. It will be OP for a long time

Extremely strong jungler from LoL. Riot didn’t plan nerfs for him.

Patch 12.13 is still running in League of Legends, but not for long. The new update to the servers is expected to hit tomorrow in the morning. Many characters will be nerfed in it, but not Fiddlesticks.

The bogeyman is currently wreaking havoc and is considered the strongest jungler in the game. After the last buffs, it deals a lot of damage that is difficult to break free from.

Fiddlesticks is broken

Almost two weeks ago, on Wednesday, July 13, the 13th update this season was released on the official servers. Among other things, Fiddlesticks has been buffed there, with the duration of the scare being extended and the damage of the ultimate increased.

  • Q – Terrify
    • FEAR DURATION 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2  1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds
  • R – Crowstorm
    • DAMAGE 625/1125/1625 (+225% AP)  750/1250/1750 (+250% AP)

According to Riot, the champion was no longer very scary and needed a boost. Now it turns out the scare buff and the crow flocks are out of control. Fiddlesticks now wins over 52.5% of his games over platinum and is picked in 6.2% of the games.

According to various statistics gathering sites, it is placed in the “S +” tier, which makes it one of the strongest junglers in the current update. Interestingly, the developers did not include it in the next patch, according to the announcements. This, however, may still change.

Reddit users are also concerned about this fact. They created a special post about him, in which they noticed where the problem was. It turns out that this could be due to the damage and scare buff at the same time. For the longer duration of fear, Fiddle is able to deal more DMG with his ult and “W”, which means Riot has double buffed his damage.