Dozens of concept skins for LoL straight from Riot Games. Some are really unique

Here are concepts of the many skins that Riot has created over the past few years.

Riot has repeatedly mentioned that it wants to release even more skins, which will also go to less popular champions. It has also revealed that new series are being developed.

Of course, the full plans of LoL’s creators are unknown, and players do not know what cosmetic additions will appear in the store in six months. However, one can make some guesses, especially if one glances at the concepts that have been made available for many months. And there are indeed quite a few of them.

Skins concepts for League of Legends

Below are the skin designs for LoL that have been created over the past couple of years. You can quickly notice that quite a lot of them depict Lux and Yasuo, which does not mean that only these heroes will get new cosmetic additions. It is worth noting the ideas for the new series themselves, which are extremely interesting.

Masked Justice Lux

Thunderdome Lux

La ilusion Lux

Dreams and Nightmares Lux

Soul Fighter Lux

Technicolor Battleground Lux

Plush Out Lux

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Masked Justice Yasuo

Thunderdome Yasuo

La ilusion Yasuo

Dreams and Nightmares Yasuo

Soul Fighter Yasuo

Technicolor Battleground Yasuo

Plush Out Yasuo

Broken Tabernacle Lux

Broken Tabernacle Yasuo

Faerie Court Lux

Faerie Court Yasuo

Inner Wilds Lux

Inner Wilds Yasuo

Primal Lux

Primal Yasuo

Virtuoso Lux

Virtuoso Yaso

Zaun Racing Lux

Zaun Racing Yasuo

Older concepts

Below are skin designs that were created before 2021. It is easy to see that some of them actually appeared in the game, although many ideas have not yet been used.

This shows that Riot still has many great ideas that can be used in the future. Some players believe that some of the concepts will definitely appear in the store because it’s a shame to give up such good projects.