The problem with Neeko in League of Legends, which makes the heroine unplayable after jungle changes

Another big problem for Neeko to keep in mind when choosing this heroine.

League of Legends hit the hands of players years ago and has changed significantly since its release. Among other things, the game introduced new characters, one of them being Neeko. Some of them have been received better and some worse. Characters that are unpopular usually just perform poorly, and here, too, there can be many reasons. In the case of Neeko, a problem is a large number of bugs that seem to have been overlooked by the developers.

In the pre-season update 12.22, which appeared on the live servers already 3 months ago, quite a lot has changed in the jungle, among other things. It turns out that the release of the patch is also related to the Neeko problem. What exactly is it all about?

What’s wrong with Neeko?

Neeko is a well-liked heroine by players, but their enjoyment of the game is taken away by a long list of bugs and problems that make playing her not so enjoyable. Despite the fact that the character is doing quite well, winning 52% of middle lane games, many LoL fans are asking for the bugs to be eliminated.

I realize Neeko isn’t really popular at the moment, but it’s incredibly frustrating to see dozens of really niche bugs being fixed every patch, while something that directly goes against a champs design/fantasy is ignored.

One of them is related to the innovations for junglers that hit the League in the last preseason patch, which introduced, among other things, companions that follow the hero. When Neeko is a jungler and turns into any ally, her pet continues to be visible.

Although encountering Neeko in the jungle is a relatively rare situation, seeing her on mid in a situation where she would like to turn into a jungler is far more likely. The problem also arises then, however, it is that Neeko does not receive a pet, which momentarily allows the opponent to realize that this is not a real jungler, but an enemy midlaner undercover.

Riot announced that the character in question will soon receive a mid-scope update, which, however, has been postponed due to work on Yuumi. Neeko players, however, may be unhappy not only because the date of the update is unknown, but also because no fixes to the heroine are likely to appear on the servers before its release.

The problem only proves that Neeko is a character in desperate need of major fixes. The heroine hasn’t received any changes since the 12.7 update (not counting the 12.10 update, which affected everyone), and the statistics well represent her poor popularity.