A smart LoL player showed that it is possible to get higher ranks by playing with nine non-existent players

A player has found a way to get the top spot in the ranked games without any effort.

There have been a lot of things going on around League of Legends lately that Riot would rather not have to deal with. First, you could find out, among other things, about a hackers attack that stole the source code of League of Legends, then it turned out that virtually any player can be banned on demand by looping a function that is in the game client’s code.

Another major exploit allows players to grind ranks in the ranking queue without any obstacles. The player, entering the queue is lined up with nine players, who stand at their fountain for the entire game. What does the clip shared by the author of the post, in which he showed how easily he can grind rank using the script, look like?

Grinding ranks with non-existent players

User hawolt shared a clip showing how, using a separate matchmaking instance, he selects players who are bots programmed not to leave his base. This allows him to select Tristana – a character who, thanks to her abilities, very quickly destroys towers, which are the only obstacle in the way of the enemy Nexus.


Interestingly according to what the author of the post writes, technically this hardly qualifies as cheating, since the same can be achieved without using third-party programs, using only the game client, which is not modified in any way.

The games played, on the other hand, are saved in the system without any problem, so wins allow you to earn league points. While it’s good that it wasn’t discovered by someone with bad intentions, but only by someone who wanted to experiment and publicize the problem, it’s still really serious. Riot will most likely take a quick look at the situation and do something to prevent the use of a separate matchmaking instance.