Does the region have an impact on how Riot balances League of Legends? A change that only appeared on one server

The jungle on Chinese servers is played differently? Riot is intentionally balancing this server differently?

The developers of League of Legends are constantly working on balancing the gameplay to make the games as fair as possible. Regular updates hit the servers, in which patches are given to both heroes and the items they use. It turns out, however, that the changes do not arrive under the same form on every server. This is shown in a video posted by a player from China, which shows a clear using Fiddlesticks.

Server-dependent strategy?

A user named MistyTian pointed out that the 13.10 update has introduced a subtle difference between League servers. It’s different in China than in other regions of LoL, as evident from the clear by Fiddlesticks.

In the previous patch 13.9 on top side of the map 3:05 is the timer that Fiddlesticks can hit level 4. However, the point where players can pull red and raptors together is no longer available.

Today I was browsing Bilibili, and noticed a video about Fiddlesticks full clear under 2:49.

The video shows a specific point where you can stand to pull the red buff and raptors at the same time.

I was so excited so I opened LOL (NA server) and started a practice mode to try it out. Surprisingly, it was not possible in NA server to pull those camps together. I tried almost all the points between camps but there was none that could keep patience of both camps.

As expected, this trick does not work in EU server as well. How is this possible? Shouldn’t all servers be the same?

There may be a hotfix on the live servers, which will most likely introduce a fix for Chinese servers. There is a small chance that jungle intentionally looks different in that region.