Big character changes and popularity as it was 2016. For 8 years it has not been so good

Riot has recently introduced some very important changes that have quite clearly influenced the popularity of specific characters.

The last update, marked as 12.6, resulted in significant jumps in the popularity of several characters. Definitely, the greatest increases can be seen in regard to four of them, while one was brought back to form from 2016 thanks to this.

Most people know who they are:

  • Miss Fortune,
  • Rengar,
  • Jinx,
  • Pyke.

Riot definitely did it well, at least in terms of popularity

Rengar is the one that stands out from the rest of the three. Miss Fortune has been having ups and downs like this for a while now – everyone is getting used to it. But with Rengar it gets really interesting.

Especially since there are plans for patch 12.7 to “continue Rengar’s changes” – this was signed neither as a buff nor a nerf. However, seeing the popularity jump by 5.8%, you can conclude that Riot is not planning any further buffs.

Rengar’s bans are starting to appear slowly, while his winrate is now at the same level as it was in 2021.

Winrate and ban frequency

So, we know who gained the most from this update. But who has lost?

  • Hecarim: -3.2% popularity and -3.3% winrate,
  • Janna,
  • Kassadin,
  • Tryndamere.

Here, however, the declines are at a reasonable, expected level. The biggest loser is definitely Hecarim. The biggest winner is Rengar.