Arcane took first place on Netflix and broke through the hugely popular Squid Game

Another huge success for the animated series from Riot Games.

On Sunday, LoL fans could watch the premiere episode of the Arcane series. The first episode was broadcast not only on the official website but also by many popular streamers. The players wanted to know the fate of Vi and Jinx so much that thanks to them the Arcane category was placed first on Twitch.

That record was just the beginning of the show’s burst in popularity from Riot. After three initial episodes, it turns out that Arcane has become the most popular series on the Netflix platform.

Arcane in the first place

It’s fair to say that the League of Legends animated series was one of the biggest events of the year when it comes to gaming stuff. The first mentions of Arcane appeared a long time ago, and the creators regularly published short trailers to constantly increase the interest of players.

Recently, it turned out that the promotion of the series does not end with trailers, but is much more extensive – numerous murals have been created in many countries, players could get chocolates with images of the characters, a bus from Arcane was driving the streets, and the famous band Imagine Dragons once again collaborated with Riot Games to create the song “Enemy” (which appeared not only during the opening of the World Cup finals but also heard it can be in the series).

It is worth noting that Arcane is not only a well-advertised product but above all a good and exciting series that simply draws you in and keeps you in suspense. The players do not hide their satisfaction and today you can read thousands of positive comments about animation, music, character creation, and more.

Currently, the series from Riot takes first place on the Netflix platform and trumps Squid Game, which has recently been considered a real phenomenon.

The series about the fate of Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Jayce, and Viktor is currently the most popular title in, among others in Poland, France, Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, and more. The list of countries where Arcane has been extremely successful is truly impressive.

Arcane also turned out to be a huge hit in China. According to many statistics, the series scored around 130 million views in that country in a matter of hours, quickly becoming the most searched topic on the Tencent streaming platform.

The next episodes will be available this weekend. Players will get to know the next 3 episodes.