Another exclusive skin from Riot, which unfortunately will not make it to League of Legends

One of the games from Riot will feature a skin that will not be available in LoL on PC.

The Runeterra universe is extremely expansive, and it has long been no surprise to anyone that it is also thriving outside of League of Legends, where it all began. Developers are no longer limited to one game, as they can release new content for both Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra. Relatively soon there will also be a brawler related to this universe or an MMO that has been announced for some time.

As you know, Riot releases various cosmetic add-ons, which are then only available in a specific game, making them unique. This was the case this time as well.

An exclusive skin for Nami

The latest unique skin that will not be available in League of Legends on PC is Cascade Dragon Nami. This time it’s not a skin for Wild Rift, but a cosmetic add-on for the card game from Riot, namely Legends of Runeterra.

This is where you can find a lot of interesting skins for various characters, both those that appear on Summoner’s Rift and in other titles.

These are the graphics associated with the latest skin for Nami. Both splash art and the appearance of the heroine’s skills are shown.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first cosmetic addition for Nami in the card game from Riot Games. Last year, fans got another skin, which was also never added to League of Legends on PC.