A strange bug in LoL causes the game client to make sounds related to Udyr’s rework

The players noticed something really weird. The LoL client plays Udyr-related sounds at random times.

It cannot be denied that the League of Legends client does not work well and various bugs are commonplace for fans of the game. Following recent issues with the Star Guardian event (bugged missions, pass progression, no leveling rewards, and so on), a lot of players say Riot has outdone itself and the LoL client can’t be bugged more.

It turns out that the glitches can still be surprising, and even quite scary. This time it’s not about a bugged shop or disappearing prizes, but random sounds. These are not just any noises – they have to do with Udyr’s newest sounds.

Strange sounds from the League of Legends client

LoL players started noticing that the client was making some strange noises at strange times. Some people who have experienced this error have shared it on the internet.

A user with the nickname T_squared112 showed a video during which you can hear the above-mentioned noises:


The player stated that his client began to make the sounds of Udyr, the hero who had been reworked.

Another Reddit user wrote that he has a similar problem and the random noises are so loud that they have become really annoying:

It also constantly replays when opening and closing a game. And it’s always at max volume. Even muting the client through the settings doesn’t do anything. I have to mute the application through sound settings in windows.

In many comments you can read that random and unexpected sounds scared the players:

genuinely scared the sh** out of me. my client audio is always off and its loud asf

The community jokes that the bug with Udyr’s audio is certainly not accidental, but it is a result of 200 years of developers’ experience.