Riot is once again looking to help LoL players fight toxicity. New option in the client

What has Riot done this time to tackle toxicity in League of Legends?

There has always been a lot to hear about toxicity in the League of Legends community. From the very beginning, Riot’s title was associated with unpleasant players who can be found in every game.

The creators regularly try to make improvements to help both punish people who behave unsportsmanlike and enable a more enjoyable game for everyone else. What appeared in the game client this time?

New option in the client

League of Legends players can change options both in the client and in the game itself. Both setting menus are linked to where they were opened. For example, in the client, it will be possible to change mainly the parameters related to the client, and in LoL the options for control, sound, and graphics will be available.

Players have had the option to disable general chat for a while, and now it will also appear in the client. This means that people who do not feel the need to communicate with the enemy team will not have to look for options in the game, and they will be able to turn it off before starting the game in the client.

A setting to toggle All Chat in-game is now available in the League Client

Another important change also applies to the chat where you can communicate with opponents. Now, if it is blocked, messages from enemies will not be visible in the gameplay summary after the match is over.

When All Chat is disabled, all players on the enemy team are muted during the end of game screen

Są to raczej drobne zmiany, a wielu fanów mogłoby wręcz uznać, że nie dadzą one żadnego efektu. Ogólny chat można było wyłączyć już wcześniej, a nowe menu podsumowania meczu domyślnie nie posiada odkrytego chatu, co w efekcie sprawiło, że praktycznie nikt z niego nie korzysta.