Maokai’s mini rework has appeared in League of Legends’ test servers. What changes will the champion receive?

Complete Maokai changelog rolled out to test servers.

Riot periodically refreshes heroes whose skill sets don’t enjoy fans as much as they did when appeared in League of Legends.

The VGU Udyr update, which the developers have been working on for a really long time, has just hit the live servers, and just a day later on the PBE, we can look at another large portion of the fixes that will affect Maokai this time. What exactly has been changed?

Maokai minirework

Sap Magic (P)

  • Attacks from large and epic monsters hitting Maokai now reduce the heal cooldown by 1s
  • Possibly a scrapped mechanic for dealing bonus damage too? client tooltip mentions it, in-game tooltip refers to “both” cooldowns, but functionality unchanged
  • Tooltip no longer mentions that it won’t be consumed at full health, functionality unchanged, might be a relic of the scrapped bonus damage

Bramble Smash (Q)

  • Base damage: 70-230 –> 65-245
  • Now deals an extra 2%-3% max health damage
  • Now also deals 20-80 bonus damage to monsters

Twisted Advance (W)

No changes

Sapling Toss (E)

  • Base damage:
    • Default: 20-120 –> 45-185
    • Brush: 40-240 –> 75-315
  • No longer deals extra percent health damage, instead scales with AP and Maokai’s max health as flat damage
    • Default: (7%-8% +0.7% per 100 AP) target’s max health –> 40% AP flat +3% Maokai’s max health
    • Brush: (14%-16% +1.4% per 100 AP) target’s max health –> 70% AP flat +6% Maokai’s max health
  • Slow:
    • Default: 35% –> 45%
    • Brush hits: same as default –> now increase the slow to 55%
  • Hitting an enemy champion or epic monster reduces passive cooldown by 4s (once per cast)
  • Brush hits no longer deal their increased damage to minions
  • Mana cost: 60-100 –> 45-85

Nature’s Grasp (R)

  • Hitting a champion now gives 40-60% bonus movement speed decaying over 2s (can happen multiple times per cast)
  • Missile speed: 50 +200/s, maximum speed 600 after 2.75s –> 100 +300/s, maximum speed 750 after 2.17 seconds
  • Missile hitbox: 120 half-width –> 85 half-width