A look through the League of Legends code allowed to see what else provides protection against autofill

One LoL player inspected a data pack sent by the game client. What’s interesting about it?

Autofill is one of the more hated features by fans, which is constantly a topic of discussion. Many players believe that they would much rather wait a while longer, but be sure to get one of the roles of their choice, but Riot does not want to fully abandon this system, explaining that it would significantly affect the experience of the matching stage.

This does not mean that Riot does not make exceptions. An autofill protection has been introduced, which works when a player is fighting for promotion or has played the last game in a support position. However, it turns out that there is another situation in which a player will be safe from the system granting him a role he did not have declared.

How can you protect yourself from autofill?

Although playing drafts, whether in the ranking queue or the normal queue, one should keep in mind that rather sooner or later autofill will remind of its presence and assign a different role than the declared two. Support players can feel exceptional because after playing a game in this position, the system provides them with protection against a forced change of role. Those who play in the ranking queue will also be safe.

It turns out that there is another way to avoid autofill. This is shown by a data pack sent by the LoL client, which one player managed to find.

When you log in to the client there are a lot of things running in the background, and one of them is rtmp, which is currently really old and should no longer exist. Nevertheless, data is sent there, so you could take a look into it.

Receiving the data manually is not easy and requires tools or a lot of code if you want to send a query to lcdsServiceProxy with a specific user ID.

Although the author of the entry did not send the query, he can preview what is in the data packet sent by the client. It turns out that draft queues have autofill protection provided for players who maintain the series as well.

Nothing more is known about this, so it might as well be a leftover feature not implemented by its developers. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note that Riot is considering, or at one point considered, introducing protection against forced role assignment for players who have won several games in a row.