A LoL player took an hour to kill Baron Nashor in just this way

One player came up with an idea to kill Baron in a rather unusual way.

Fans of League of Legends have all sorts of ideas. Some of them have a direct impact on the gameplay and are an interesting diversification or a hint on how to play better and more efficiently take down opponents. There are also times when players come up with something that is really hard to replicate under match conditions but is an interesting curiosity in itself.

Probably some people remember such games as creating the fastest team, collecting an unimaginable amount of stacks at Nasus or Veigar, and many, many more. Such games require a lot of time and self-denial, but the results can be quite entertaining and quickly become famous on the Internet. Such was the case this time, too. And the main character of the project was Cho’Gath.

Baron Nashor from LoL eaten

One Reddit user came up with the idea that he would stack Cho’Gath’s super-skill until he could eat the Baron in one bite. The whole thing took him an hour, so it can be said that the task was not that difficult, but the result is certainly quite spectacular.

The author of the video wrote:

I spent an hour eating as Chogath, long enough to swallow baron whole with one R.

While collecting stacks, the hero became really big and had an unimaginable amount of HP – more than 160 thousand. What it all looked like can be seen in the video below.


The League of Legends community likes such experiments, so the video garnered a lot of positive reactions and comments, and consequently, it got popular on Reddit and beyond. If anyone for some reason wondered what it would be like to devour Baron Nashor with a single skill, today they can consider their curiosity satisfied.