A detailed description of Aurelion Sol’s changes from LoL. All the information about his skills

The Riot employee who created Aurelion Sol’s new skill set shares a fair amount of details.

Aurelion Sol has struggled with skillset issues since its release. The character was created based on Ao Shin – another champion who was a dragon and was scheduled to appear in LoL before his project was abandoned. Although Aurelion’s skill set is specific and not to everyone’s liking, he had a group of devoted fans who took a liking to him.

Riot’s attempts to salvage the character’s popularity at this point fared relatively poorly. Players were only interested in him for a short while after the update, and then everything returned to its previous norm.

There’s a good chance that this time, however, it will be different – Riot announced some time ago that it will update Aurelion once again, presenting a completely new kind of revamp, which involves preserving the champion’s appearance and models, giving him a completely new set of skills. LoL fans have already had the opportunity to learn about the descriptions of the hero’s new skills, and now Rioter is sharing additional details about them. What else could players find out?

Updated Aurelion Sol


  • Passive stacks infinitely. Expected stacks in an even game is 350.
    • His stardust works similar to Veigar passive. 1 per minion, 3 siege minion, 5 for champion, etc.

Breath of Light (Q)

  • 3 types of damage.
    • 1st = DoT on first target hit.
    • 2nd = cone behind first target hit.
    • 3rd = %HP max health magic dmg that only comes from Stardust stacks.
  • The ability is charged and you have to hold it while using it. It has a cooldown and a maximum duration, but not while flying.
  • The ability can be aimed around Aurelion while flying.

Astral Flight (W)

  • This is an old Aurelion Sol ability, but it has been adjusted accordingly. It has a much shorter range but scales much better.
    • The hero will be able to fly 7.5 units more per stack.
  • The champion will fly in a straight line.
  • Visibility will be the same as when flying from the live server, but opponents cannot see where Aurelion will land.
  • Aurelion can interrupt the flight in several ways. Both by using W again and by executing the move command. In addition, when he uses Q in flight, you can simply move to interrupt both abilities or use W to stop and continue using Q after landing.

Singularity (E)

  • At 350 stacks, the ability is the size of a river, so you will be able to block the path if you fight a dragon or Nashor.
  • The ability kills from the maximum HP of the target. By default, Aurelion will not destroy tanks, but with enough stacks, it can become one.
    • 40 stacks provides about 1% of the maximum HP to be hit. Without stacks, it is 5%.
  • Minions and monsters lose movement speed when they are in E range.

Falling Star / The Sloes Descend(R)

  • At 350 stacks, the ability is the size of a middle lane. Shockwave deals damage to all enemy heroes regardless of where they are.
    • If ult were to deal 500 damage, the global shockwave will also deal 500. It only beats heroes and epic creatures, so you can’t kill Baron while on bot.
  • It has the usual R that stuns. The toss can be unlocked with enough Stardust.
  • It behaves similarly to Ziggs’ ult. It has a delay, but it is small (less than a second).
  • The developers assume that the hero will use the upgraded ult about 3 times per game.

There was also information about AD conversion rates. The hero will not have them – according to the words of designer Riot Yelough, the champion is unlikely to use basic attacks outside of the early game, and his Q will work better as a tool for killing mobs. The base attack speed has not been changed, and the range is now 550 units.

At this point, Aurelion was designed to be played on mid, but it is possible that it will be balanced for jungle if players want it. The default mythical item is the Crown of the Shattered Queen. In team fights, the hero is expected to stick to the outside similar to Vex, having the ability to enter the enemy’s rear. For the time being, he will not receive new skins, but the developers announce that these will appear in the future. The update will hit live servers on February 8 in patch 13.3.