A controversial idea in LoL. Account assigned to the player. The system from Korea as a solution to the problem of smurfing?

One player felt that assigning an account to a human would help in the fight against toxicity and smurfs.

League of Legends is one of the most famous games in the world. Many players associate or have played LoL at least once. Creating an account is very easy and costs nothing, so nothing prevents you from testing the game and checking if this type of gameplay is satisfactory. Such easy and free access to multiplayer titles also has its drawbacks. According to many, this is what makes the gaming community toxic. In case of getting a ban, you can always create a new account. People who constantly break the rules and insult strangers they meet on Summoner’s Rift often have a large collection of banned accounts.

According to some, the solution to this problem is quite simple, but it may seem extremely controversial. It is about assigning an account to a human, and thus – each player could only have one account.

One account per person

A player with the nickname Global-Ambition976 suggested that a solution straight from Korea would be a good way to fight toxicity. In his opinion, assigning an account to a player would reduce the number of smurfs, but also people would be more afraid of getting banned, and thus – limit rude and vulgar behavior.

I think League would be way better off with just one account per person. I love the game and ive been playing it for over 10 years now but its getting so frusturating with every season to come by.

Its not even the smurfs who will come to your games and ruin it for both sides, winning or loosing, its just the mentality to not even care about the game cause you can be toxic as hell, int or flame cause you just can make a new account .

You get one account and thats it, if you f it up cause you are being toxic, int the games or whatever and getting perma, ye thats your own fault for not being able to play the game ever again.

Like I already said I love playing the game and watching all content of it, its just so annoying to play and its getting worse and worse every season sadly.

Opinions on this subject are divided. Some players believe that such a solution would really bring benefits and the League would be a better place. There are also those who believe that this approach would also hit people who do not smurf but have different accounts to play with friends from other servers or set up new ones because they returned after years and forgot their old login and password. As you know, the systems that limit the creation of new accounts can be bypassed if someone really wants to do it.

It is also worth noting that limiting the number of accounts simply does not pay off for LoL developers. One of the commenters wrote:

The thing you need to realize is that Riot doesn’t want to. It directly benefits them if you have multiple accounts, not only because it means that you buy things on more accounts, but also because it massively boosts their “active playerbase” numbers. This is the kind of thing they sell to brands, and if everyone has two accounts, brands see essentially double the value.