Chocolate with League of Legends characters goes to stores. Two flavors, what is known?

There were drinks, now there is chocolate with characters and themes known from League of Legends.

Riot promotes LoL, or rather the Arcane series, on an unprecedented scale. Billboards with LoL characters have appeared in many cities around the world. However, this is nothing compared to the fact that cafes are built only for the promotion of Arcane.

Chocolate from LoL

At the moment, two chocolates have been shown and there will probably be no more. One has Jinx themes, the other is inspired by Vi. Of course, they both have different flavors.

  • Jinx – Strawberry Matcha.
  • Vi – Bitter chocolate with the addition of gold.

The prices may be considered quite high because you have to pay $ 9,95 per bar. However, this can be understood as the product is typically occasional. After unpacking it looks like this:

Now the question is how with availability. Riot has officially partnered with “Compart√©s Chocolatier”, a Los Angeles-based chocolate company. There is no information at the moment about any other distribution other than via the Internet or in local stores.

Riot has certainly prepared a few other treats, which, unfortunately, are also assigned to the place.

Cookies and something like custom coffee: