What mounts will be available to ride in Hogwarts Legacy? What do the published materials show?

How will Hogwarts Legacy players be able to traverse the huge map?

Hogwarts Legacy, according to the materials published by the developers, will have a huge open world that players will be able to explore in its entirety. To make exploring all the corners not such a difficult task in the game there will be mounts, thanks to which the player will be able to move to another place faster.

The world you enter in Hogwarts Legacy is filled with all kinds of magical creatures from the Harry Potter universe. Quite a few of them are sizable and can be used as mounts that the player-directed character will be able to mount.

Mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

Mounts will not only help wizards and witches reduce the time spent exploring the Hogwarts Legacy map but also allow them to better get into the magical atmosphere of the game.

What mounts have players been able to learn about so far?


Testrals are a really popular means of transportation in the Harry Potter universe. What makes them so special is their ability to fly, which means that players will be able to traverse the game world, both exploring it on land and in the air.

This mount will only be available if one buys the collector’s edition of the game, which will include additional items in the game’s dark arts battle arena.


Another magical creature that will be able to help the player move around the world of Hogwarts Legacy is the hippogriff.

The Onyx Hippogriff will only be obtainable by preordering any edition of the game, so it’s worth keeping in mind if you really like this mount.


Although the broomstick is not a living creature, it is certainly one of the most iconic means of transportation in the Harry Potter universe. In fact, almost every Hogwarts student has used this enchanted object to get around.