Twitch ambassador calls for boycott of platform because of Hogwarts Legacy

Some may recall that Twitch once came up with the idea of appointing its ambassadors. Until now, it wasn’t really clear why, but today it has a fun twist.

There’s a very big dispute going on online right now about Hogwarts Legacy. In a huge nutshell, it’s all about J.K. Rowling and her statements. People are pointing out that buying Hogwarts Legacy may in a way support what J.K. is saying.

This issue is not simple, but most people are simply not interested in any dispute. They simply want to play the game. That’s why it may come as a surprise to see Twitch’s ambassador calling for a boycott of the platform.

And this is a rather unexpected turn of events

In general, the whole situation is kind of crazy. Media all over the world are writing about how streamers are boycotting Twitch. The problem here is that we are talking about a streamer who has an average audience of fewer than 200 people.

Either way, she presents herself as an ambassador for Twitch, and presumably, that’s where her popularity in this regard comes from. As we read on her Twitter feed, she calls for a boycott of Twitch when ads from Hogwart’s Legacy are shown on the platform.

Just so you understand. Less than 200 streamers and 7 million reach of the Twitter post – that’s how the world found out about the boycott.

Sure, any voice in this discussion can be important, but there is no point in announcing some kind of boycott of streamers when it comes to one person with such an audience.