Hogwart’s Legacy will feature mini-games that teach how to cast spells

What will it be like to learn key spells in Hogwart’s Legacy?

Despite the fact that the creators of Hogwart’s Legacy are sharing with fans a fair number of videos in which one can learn about the world or gameplay, the vast majority of information continues to be hidden from players. Due to the hype built up over the past months, the production really has a lot of potential to become the most popular game of 2023, even though this one is just beginning.

The wizarding open world seems to be really promising, and the open-world gameplay experience will be unlike anything Harry Potter fans have had to date. Many interested parties are wondering what the process of learning individual spells will look like. It turns out that the developers have already answered this question.

How will it be possible to learn spells in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Portkey Games support page mentions that the game will include mini-games that will allow you to learn spells that require precise movements. Although at this point it is not known whether all spells will have to be learned in this way, it will certainly be necessary to use these mechanics to learn at least some of them.

At this point, it is not known what the mini-games will look like, although it can be guessed that they will vary depending on the spell the player is trying to master.

From the developers’ information, we can learn that the activities will have four different difficulty levels, which will affect how challenging the puzzles and battles will be. The difficulty can be changed at any time, and the “story” level will allow the player to complete each of them without a time limit, which is intended to allow the player to learn the story without the slightest difficulty.

Gamers are now less than a month away from the game’s release, and the new information regularly appearing on the developers’ social media about various production topics is only fueling the hype. Whether they relate to gameplay or perhaps showcase plot-relevant characters, the community’s response shows why Hogwart’s Legacy could be the biggest game of 2023.