Hogwarts Legacy is achieving success even before the game is released. What exactly are we referring to?

Hogwart’s Legacy promises to be an extremely popular game. This is evidenced by its achievements a month before its release.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the biggest launches from the world of gaming, which is fast approaching. The game will be unlocked in less than a month – on February 10. The Harry Potter universe is truly expansive and has a multitude of fans around the world. This is not the first game to be located in the universe, but it is certainly the largest and most interesting for players.

Fans will be able to take on the role of a Hogwarts student, participate in activities familiar to the movies, explore the open world and learn about the new story created by the developers. Although the game has not yet been officially released, it is already achieving success. This is proven by Steam, among others.

What has Hogwart’s Legacy game accomplished?

Throughout the history of the Harry Potter brand, there has been no shortage of video game adaptations. This includes adventure titles and Quidditch sports games, as well as game adaptations of the LEGO Movie.

However, fans of the series have long dreamed of something deeper, and Avalanche Software wants to provide that in Hogwart’s Legacy. The open-world RPG will be released on PC and consoles this February. Sales charts on Steam show that interest in the production is huge. It is at the very top of the bestsellers, second only to the free-to-play CS:GO.

It appears that, at least on PC, Hogwart’s Legacy will be really popular upon release. Whether or not will it live up to gamers’ expectations will not be revealed until February 10. It is worth mentioning that players who purchase the game in preorder will be able to play Hogwart’s Legacy 3 days earlier.