Harry Potter will be in the Hogwarts Legacy, but not in an obvious way. It’s all about the family

Gamers waiting for Hogwarts Legacy have realized that the developers may put Harry Potter in the game, although not in the way everyone expects.

It is now officially known that Harry Potter will not appear in Hogwarts Legacy. So why has there been recent talk that the developers will, however, somehow put his character in the game? Well, the issue here is the Potter family.

We know that there will definitely be a Potter theme in the game. This is suggested at least by a newspaper clipping that appeared on one of the trailers. There we see information about Fleamont Potter being a prominent wizard dealing with potions.

The newspaper’s publication date is 1926, which gives quite a bit of room for theories.

If you are not familiar enough with the wizarding world to understand, Fleamont Potter was Harry’s grandfather, James’ father.

So where’s Harry Potter in this?

Players believe that the developers will use this thread and pull it further. There is a chance that we will get to know in the game not only Fleamont, with whom we can go to school but also his father – Henry Potter.

It’s plausible – given all the dates, Henry could have been helping Fleamont, and this gives the developers the opportunity to put an easter egg in Hogwart’s Legacy that will put Harry in the game. Why?

Here, it is explained why the Potter family thread will be so important. After all, Henry was called Harry by his friends.

It’s easy to imagine that the developers of Hogwart’s Legacy are taking advantage of this opportunity and winking at players. Naturally, this does not change the fact that the Harry we all know, unfortunately, will not be in the game.