What are the real differences between the houses in Hogwart’s Legacy? What will your choice affect?

Hogwart’s Legacy is getting closer and closer. Many people are therefore wondering which house to actually choose and what effect it will have on gameplay.

Choosing a house can be incredibly important for people who like to feel the Harry Potter vibe. For everyone else – well, it may be one of the many choices they will make in the game. Why? For now, it is known that the choice of the house will have a bearing on the appearance of the character, the Dormitory, and its type.

So the choice of the house revolves around two things – style of dress and available items, and the appearance of the Dormitory, how to enter it and where it is located. There is also another issue that has not been explained.

How are the houses different?

In all of this, there are also our companions who will traverse the world of Hogwart’s Legacy with us. That’s three people you’ll be able to choose. And this is where the ambiguity comes in. It is unclear whether or not these characters will be assigned to specific houses. Initially, it seemed that way.

Sebastian Sallow was to be assigned to Slytherin.

Natasi Onai to Gryffindor.

Poppy Sweeting to Hufflepuff.

The fourth character remains a mystery. So does whether characters will indeed be automatically assigned to specific houses. The trailer for Hogwart’s Legacy itself shows a scene in which Poppy talks to a character dressed in Griffindor robes.

This somewhat spoils the previous perception that friends are limited by their choice of home.