The leak proves that the map in GTA 6 will be really big. Expanded suburbs

Gamers caught an interesting detail in leaks that came out some time ago.

At the moment there is not much new information regarding GTA 6 itself, but the leaks that came out some time ago reveal some information about the new part of the series. Some of the comments are very interesting, while others disappear in the thicket of posts with suggestions for Rockstar, requests, etc.

This time, based on the leak, players have come to the conclusion that the map really will be big, already completely abstracting from potential sketches, guesses, and theories.

Expanded suburbs in GTA 6

It looks like the major cities in GTA 6 will be surrounded not only by the now-classic beaches but also by large suburbs.

There is a huge bay between the tall buildings and where the character is currently standing. The huge buildings are located in Vice Beach, the character is standing on the mainland. – writes one player, commenting on a post on Reddit about the map.

This is in response to the original post regarding the fact that, in theory, the character is really far from the main city, and further away you can see tall buildings. In GTA 5, this would mean leaving this urban area.

This is a good sign, but not some incredibly groundbreaking one. It is known that the map in GTA 6 will be large, this is just an additional tidbit proving that there is definitely something to look forward to.