Rockstar seems to be shutting down GTA 5 and GTA Online. All work and developer attention shifted to GTA 6?

Rockstar has updated its official website, according to community theories this is supposed to mean that the studio is already preparing for the “Six”.

The fact that GTA 6 is being made has been known for a long time. Rockstar itself has confirmed it. Unfortunately, however, no official information about the date, themes, cities, etc. has emerged so far.

Now gamers have snatched up what they believe is the completion of the development process and keeping GTA 5 and the GTA Online version up to date.

Official thanks to developers

The official site has posted a thank you to the people who worked equally on GTA 5 and GTA Online. What does this mean?

Many people consider that this is simply the culmination, the final cut of the project, and the transfer of the main workforce to GTA 6. Of course, this may be so, but it is not confirmed in any way. In fact, it is strange that Rockstar has thanked people just now, and not, for example, years ago, when the fifth and Online were coming out.

This is no proof that GTA 6 is about to be released. Instead, it is certainly another contribution to theories that indeed the next part of Grand Theft Auto is closer rather than further away.