Leaks regarding the GTA 4 remaster suggest that GTA 6 is many years away

The community has waited a long time for Rockstar to release anything from the GTA franchise that is not an update to GTA: Online.

Rockstar Games is well aware of the fact that Grand Theft Auto is a very profitable series. Despite 8 years from the premiere, GTA: Online brings significant profits, therefore the creators of the title invested most of their time in it.

On November 11, the premiere of the GTA trilogy will take place, and we already know a little bit about the remaster of “Four” and about GTA 6 itself.

What is known about the arrival of GTA 6?

At the moment, there is no detailed data that would inform about how the world of GTA 4 will be rebuilt in the remaster. It is known, however, that the title is actually going to be created, which means that Rockstar’s developers will focus on its creation. Certainly, this is great news for the veterans of the series, but not very good for players who expect the “Six” to come.

It is very unlikely that the developers will be able to deal with both the remastering of GTA 4 and creating GTA 6. Everything indicates that the premiere of the next part of the gangster series will take place only after 2023.