“Fortnite with magic” is closing its servers. This is the end of one of the most interesting games that has not been successful

The game that was often referred to as Fortnite with magic has shut down its servers.

This is not some amazing surprise, as the information about the closure of the servers appeared last year, but now there has simply been an official shutdown of the entire infrastructure. Spellbreak, an interesting production that had its five minutes, is no more.

The Twitch game had a spike in popularity that lasted a very short time and was not a spectacular one. However, it seemed that the idea was unique enough to survive.

Unfortunately, the servers were shut down

Ultimately unable to maintain interest, the servers were finally shut down yesterday, shutting down all infrastructure and saying goodbye to players. Entering Spellbreak, all you see is an unavailability message.

It’s a bit of a shame, but hardly anyone was interested in this production anyway. Certainly, for a while, people played it, but then it seemed to suddenly lose interest – although it was fairly good to watch.

Players gathered on the servers to say goodbye to the production for the last time. Now the staff will be working on a new title for Blizzard, so it’s unlikely anyone was left unoccupied.