Fortnite x Pokemon. The new trailer shows what the collaboration could look like

Gamers have been wondering for a long time whether there will ever be a collaboration between Fortnite and Pokemon.

At the moment there is no official information about the cooperation between Pokemon and Fortnite, while it has always been one of the most trending topics on the web. Hardly surprisingly, this collaboration would certainly be one of the most talked about and at the same time the most controversial.

After all, many people believe that the appearance of a brand in Fortnite somehow distorts or destroys it. “Please don’t” is one of the most common comments when dealing with collaborations.

Fortnite x Pokemon

One player showed what a trailer for such a collaboration might look like. It certainly sparks the imagination and gives a preview of the kind of interest it could generate. The original footage on Twitter has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.


You don’t have to be a fan of either Fortnite or Pokemon to appreciate something like this. The chances of cooperation are always there, but not some particularly big ones. Everyone is aware that with such projects we are talking about huge money.