You are not wrong. Looking at the Queen in Fortnite makes the game…

Epic has put some easter eggs in the new update.

The Queen is a very mysterious character that has finally appeared in the game. She plays one of the main roles when it comes to the current events on the island. Epic decided to make it even more interesting and added a little easter egg.

At first, the players were convinced that something seemed impossible to them. And yet, staring at the queen makes someone laugh. Developers even recorded several versions of it.

The Queen laughs

This is an interesting Easter egg that most players will completely miss. To make the queen laugh ominously, all you have to do is target her with the cursor. Epic recorded several different versions of laughter, some barely audible, others there is no doubt that the queen is simply laughing at the players.


The community has no doubt that this is one of the scariest things when it comes to Fortnitemares.

There is no shortage of opinions on Reddit that this is just the beginning, and the Queen is just getting started.