When will a new special Midas skin appear in Fortnite? The premiere is getting closer

A new, special Midas skin is coming to Fortnite. Epic reminded about that again.

At first, it was speculated that this version of Midas might be a free skin for Halloween, but this theory is unlikely to hold true. At this point, the skin is signed in the files as if it was simply to go to the store.

The skin was not released, however, despite the fact that Fortnitemares had begun. According to leakers, we will have to wait a little longer.

What’s so special about this?

The mention of Midas even appeared on the official Epic Games blog. The character is signed with the words “Still serves revenge”. There is no greater doubt that he will return. The only question is when exactly.

The skin will be unique because it is active, the skin changes with each liquidation.


The exact release date is unknown, but file searchers mention next week and update 18.30. However, it is difficult to find any evidence that it is on Tuesday or another day of the next week that this skin will appear.