All secret changes to the Fortnite map after Update 18.21. Yeah, Epic did all that

Epic not only added a new spot, but also made some very small changes that virtually nobody knows about.

The main thing when it comes to changes to the map after Update 18.21, is of course a new spot in the center of the map. The ruins have been significantly changed.

Of course, the Queen herself hovers over this place. However, this is not the end of the changes, according to “FN_Assist” there are quite a lot of them.

What else has changed?

In addition to traces of Ariana Grande, the map gained a Halloween atmosphere again. Many houses and locations have been decorated with ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, webs etc.

Due to the challenges on the island, gaming equipment has been set up – a console with speakers.

The smallest change in this update is this barrier. Players are surprised that the developers even wanted to introduce it.

More and more gnomes are gathering in the Weeping Woods.

There is a stone object in Dirty Docks, also for challenges.

And again the story of Ariana Grande – you can now find fireworks on the island.

This time, most of the changes were due to challenges, the Queen’s theme finally started, and you can expect that this is just the beginning. In addition, of course, players are waiting for the development of the Ariana Grande theme – according to leaks, she is to receive her mini-event.