It took only a few hours for Epic to weaken the new Caretakers in Fortnite

Epic has decided to weaken its latest expansion, but so far this only applies to the temporary mode.

Caretakers were introduced to Fortnite yesterday, i.e. characters that were announced in the first trailer for season 8. This is a new boss that causes a lot of problems for players. Mainly because it has a lot of HP.

Epic listened to the players and after a few hours, the caretakers were weakened. Unfortunately, this only applies to the Horde Rush mode at the moment. It is possible, however, that the developers will make a similar decision regarding the regular BR.

What changed?

Epic has changed the conversion rates, as a result of which the Caretaker has less health. This is a simple nerf that was to be expected. Everyone was quite surprised that this boss has so much HP.

The Caretaker isn’t incredibly difficult to beat, at least when you have players working together. Otherwise, when people ignore him, it can be really hard.