Why is Epic removing Squid Game-inspired game modes from Fortnite? Unclear situation

Creative mapmakers complain that their designs are being deleted.

Creative mode in Fortnite is a very interesting tool that allows you to play other games, scenes from series, or movies. Therefore, after the premiere of Squid Game Fortnite was one of the first productions in which players created various modes inspired by the series.

However, oddly enough, some of them began to disappear. The matter is getting more and more serious because the creators of these locations do not agree with the reason given by Epic.

Why is Squid Game being removed from Fortnite?

The official reason developers are to give is that the modes are very similar to each other. As a result, some are removed, others will remain. Few, however, believe it.

The community believes that the problem here is copyright and that Epic does not want to have legal problems. An exception was made for the Squid Game because it is very popular.

The situation with the removal of the game mode caused many different discussions, also involving the highlighted maps. According to players, Epic rejects or accepts in an almost random manner, allowing, for example, the addition of standout graphics with visible custom skins, which is not allowed according to the rules.

It’s hard to say whether Epic will somehow respond to it or the case will be forgotten in a moment. So far, it is known that some game modes from Squid Game are removed, while others can still be played.