This Fortnite spot is slowly changing into pyramids. The leak from many months ago will turn out to be true?

According to new leaks, the information from many months ago was true.

Every Fortnite player has heard at least once that pyramids are about to appear on the island. Finally, it ended up with one pyramid, which was introduced as part of “The Block”.

Now, an entire biome can actually appear, but not in the standard and predictable way.

Pyramids in the middle of the island?

HYPEX reports that the recently created “cube” spot may slowly change into pyramids. Of course, this has not been confirmed, but according to a leaker, the queen has effects in the files referring to the subject of the pyramids.

Additional information is the one about the pickaxe to be held by the queen.

It is not yet known if this is Epic’s plan for the coming weeks. HYPEX itself also writes that this is a “possible” scenario, not a sure-fire one.