Whole pages of the new battle pass for Season 2, Chapter 4 of Fortnite are already leaked

At this point, there are leaks of not only more information about the season but entire pages of battle pass.

Epic itself is showing the skins that will be in the next battle pass. The trailers are not mysterious in any way, they simply show the next skins:

That’s why leakers have little reluctance to show full pages from the battle pass.

Battle pass pages for season 2 of chapter 4

Leakers, the biggest ones, normally show the pass as if nothing ever happened.

Here are three pages where you can see the skins, but also the gliders or emoticons.

It is also known that the on 100th site you will be able to get a glider/pickaxe:

Here’s another glider:


And a backpack:

This completely kills any hype. The leaks are literally everywhere and leakers are leaking everything one by one. Some even suspect that Epic itself had its fingers in it.