Fortnite requirements change before season 2 season 4 chapter. One change related to the system

Fortnite is changing requirements before the start of the new season. However, most people are not affected by the changes.

More and more developers are dropping support for older systems and Epic is joining this group. The announcement of Fortnite’s revised requirements for Season 2 of Chapter 4 has officially appeared. Fortunately, it does not involve hardware or components.

It is all about operating systems. Epic will no longer provide support for systems that are slowly becoming a thing of the past. This is not surprising, recently many game developers have made a similar decision.

Fortnite system requirements change

This is specifically about dropping support for Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you have either of these systems, you will no longer be able to play Fortnite. Unless using NVIDIA Now, it’s probably better to just switch to a newer system.

The change comes in from the new season, so there are still a few days to invest in the new system. Recall that Season 2 kicks off on March 10, two days from now. The hardware requirements have not changed, so if Fortnite is running well for you now, nothing will change in the new season.