Which items ended up in the Fortnite vault and which ones were taken out from it?

Items that ended up in the vault and new weapons.

Like every season, a lot of changes in Fortnite, and people who search files have their hands full. Although we already know that three new weapons will be added to the game – click. Unfortunately, the developers are also giving up on a few.

According to one of the leakers, a few weapons liked by the community will disappear. What exactly will go to the vault?

Which weapons will retire?

Since the morning, the Fortnite community has been excited about the new season 8, which introduces completely new things. However, as every season, Epic Games has decided that several weapons will retire:

According to information from Hypex, we can say goodbye to TACs, silent SMGs, and many other weapons that players like. Interestingly, Harpoons, burst weapons, and a Lever Action pump appeared.