New weapons that will appear in Fortnite Season 8. Which are already known?

At this point, we already know about a few new weapons that will be added to Fortnite.

This information will certainly be updated later. We found out about three weapons first thing in the morning, now there are more. Leakers search files all the time, so expect this to be just the beginning.

Epic is unlikely to introduce everything at once, but who knows, at the moment it is difficult to determine how the developers will distribute the news – maybe everything will land in the game right away?

New weapons in Fortnite

The three weapons we mention at the beginning come from a different dimension called ‘Sideways’.

At the moment, their statistics remain unknown. However, a few more weapons are known:

In the trailer itself, you could also see some new features in the form of a two-handed crossbow:

There is also a big plasma-gun of sorts: