When will Fortnite players get the 15th free gift? There is more and more talk of one date

All Fortnite players are waiting for this one last gift to open.

Epic has confirmed that the message about opening another gift is not a mistake. It all adds up, because the developers were to somehow compensate players for the last few hours of technical problems.

When can this gift be expected? There is more and more talk on the web about January 6, but this date is repeated by the community only because it is then that the Winter Festival ends. So potentially Epic should give players something special before.

Where is the last gift?

The only clue is really Epic’s message from a few days ago. On December 30, developers wrote that more information will appear “next week”. Next week has started yesterday, but it is on Tuesdays when Epic is communicating various important things.

So there is a chance that today there will be something more about the gift. This is obviously not confirmed and should not be treated as such. Developers can also plan something on January 6th or juggle the dates further.

Only one thing is certain – by the end of the week, Epic will tell what’s up with this gift, what it is, and how we can collect it. We will potentially just need to log in.