When will the new items be introduced to Fortnite? Detailed schedule for Chapter 3 Season 1

Everyone knows that a lot of items are coming to Fortnite. Hardly anyone, however, knows what and when is to appear.

There are many different types of items and a mechanic around. Their launch dates have not been confirmed, but leakers provide them based on leaks on challenges. Thanks to this, we know when what to expect.

This will last until Challenge Week 8, so quite a while. The list was created by “KOOOOOOMAR”, one of the popular leakers.

What and when will be introduced?

It all starts with Week 5 of Challenges. It is then that a new item will be introduced to the game – “Shield Sprinkler”. You have probably seen it in action more than once or twice.

Then it goes on as follows:

In the meantime, the boreholes will appear on the map. This is what it looks like at the moment, but everything may change, but more on the plus side – there will be more news.

When is the update? This is not known, but no information was released yesterday regarding the next patch, so potentially you will have to wait for next week. Unless Epic suddenly surprises with an update of the content – this one is added without prior announcement.